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Get rid of all your spam mails easily and automatically!

Many providers offer spam filtering of e-mails. But often the spam is only marked with an additional string like *****SPAM******. You still have to download and / or delete them manually.

Spam_Remover allows you to access IMAP-mailboxes automatically, delete spam marked by filtering software like spamassassin and receive reports in regular intervals so that you can check whether an important mail was deleted and contact the sender.

When using Spam Remover your spam mails will be removed unretrievably. You should make sure that your spam filtering system doesn't produce to many false classifications. If a non-spam-mail was classified as spam and deleted by Spam Remover you will still find data like sender, e-mail address and subject in the spam report you will receive by e-mail in regular intervals. You can contact the sender and ask to send the mail again.

- multi mailbox access
- extended spam filtering can be integrated
- test mode
- no database needed
- reports on deleted mails displaying date, sender, recipient and subject sorted by date, sender, subject, recipient and domain
- many configuration options

- PHP 4 or higher
- IMAP-mailbox(es)
- Spam filtering software like spam-assassin
- Cronjobs (not necessarily needed but it helps)


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Download Instructions
- download zip-file
- extract php-file and edit configurations
- upload to server
- create cronjob that calls this script